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TD In Rainbow

Message  Euphomaroon le Sam 13 Oct - 22:45

In Rainbows
Posted on 10/11/2007 by Maroon5

New things are exciting.

Downloading Radiohead's album today was exciting.

Seeing a new way for a band to distribute an album is exciting.

Check it out... pay whatever you feel like paying for this album...
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Hearing about a federal court in minnesota ruling that a mother has to pay around 9,000 dollars for each of the 24 songs she was found guilty of illegally downloading is not exciting... it's depressing...

Our show last night at Madison Square Garden here in New York was exciting.
rain falling is exciting.

The Road, the book by Cormac McCarthy is more than exciting... it's an entire world in a book... like no other book... and it's disturbing and inspiring... and it is stressful, but it's very believable... and even with all the terribleness, in the end it's very beautiful. A great metaphor for all of our lives... trying to find the good within and without.

And Sara Bareilles' song Many the Miles is exciting.

And friends and family and strangers and coincidences and communication and regret and violence and mistakes and learning and overexerting and relaxing and eating and sleeping and loving and the push and the pull and acceptance and protest and losing and finding and not minding and caring and sharing and repairing and staring and looking the other way and looking up and out and in and stretching and waiting and taking and giving and making and faking and rhyming and shouting and crying and kicking and screaming and accidentaly not meaning and taking it back and repeating and reading and seeking and breathing are all very exciting.

good night...

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Re: TD In Rainbow

Message  keane-m5 le Lun 29 Oct - 17:30

il a très bon goût Jesse ! cet album de Radiohead est géniiialll Very Happy

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